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Wildbloom Co.


A private tutoring company committed to providing learning support for children in the Tri-Cities and beyond. 


Child Centered

At Wildbloom Co, your child comes first. This happens in a number of ways including a free pre-assessment to determine strengths and areas for growth as well as lessons that are designed with your child in mind. We also focus on transfer of learning. This means that students will be able to take skills and knowledge they have gained and be able to apply it to new contexts and real life scenarios. Consider the following quote from Dylan Wiliams: “School prepares students for a future we can’t envision so when they’re stuck with something they’ve never seen before, they will choose to think instead of remember.” There is a key difference here! Jordan looks forward to helping students gain confidence as they face new challenges and overcome obstacles in their day to day lives. 

Small Group Setting

Students will either work by themselves or in groups that are no larger than six. This will enable Jordan to have time to work closely with each child and help them navigate through their tasks effectively. 

Experienced Instructor

Jordan has been teaching elementary students in Alberta and British Columbia since 2014. He has also recently received his Masters of Education degree from Simon Fraser University with a focus on Imaginative Education. Jordan is passionate about making learning fun and enjoyable for learners of any age and equipping them with tools they will need as they navigate through this ever changing world.

In 2021, Jordan worked at Trinity Western University teaching a curriculum course to students. He is very familiar with the curriculum in British Columbia and confident that this knowledge will allow him to plan engaging sessions that align with provincial standards. 


Free Consultation

Before committing to a package, your child is given a free pre-assessment. Once strengths and areas for growth are determined, you can choose from package 1-7. 

One-On-One Packages

Package 1 - Four sessions = $299 
Package 2 - Eight sessions = $499 

Package 3 - Sixteen sessions = $899 

Group Packages  

Package 4 - Eight sessions = $360 per student if online (2-4 students) 

Package 5 - Eight sessions = $400 per student if in person (2-4 students)

Package 6 - Eight sessions = $320 per student if online (5-6 students)

Package 7 - Eight sessions = $360 per student if in person (5-6 students)


Note: 1 session = 1 hour

If you would like to make an inquiry, please fill out the "Contact" page on this website. 

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