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What Tools Are Needed for Wonder? (Part 3 of 10)

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Students need tools: good and useful tools such as notebooks, magnifying glasses, binoculars, books and computers. With these tools, they can explore, record findings and communicate what they have learned with others.

At the beginning of my master's program at SFU, I was given a small notebook to record different findings. Part of this assignment included thinking of different lessons I could do outside with my students. At the end of this project, my notebook looked a little rough around the edges. Pages were missing, mud had gotten on several pages and rain soaked through the cover. Nonetheless, I had invaluable notes that helped me plan engaging lessons outside.

I wonder ... what kind of tools can you use to stimulate your imagination? I'm guessing your phone can take pretty good pictures. Isn't there a Notes app included as well? You could purchase a small sketch pad for drawings. What else do you need? Over the course of the last two years, I've been amazed at how much one can learn when they begin to pay attention. When they come back to a place multiple times. When they start to take notes and make simple drawings. The exciting part about living in this world is that we will never know everything. I hope that isn't a discouraging thought. Instead, I hope it motivates you to learn a little bit more about something that interests you whenever you get the chance. Once you do, don't forget to share what you've discovered with a family member or friend.

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