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Sometimes we think that our children will only remember extraordinary events. Trips to Disneyland. The expensive Lego set or toy car. While the excitement may last for a moment, it often fades quickly. "What’s next?" “What did you buy for me this time?” There is nothing wrong with taking your children on trips or buying them nice toys, just don’t forget about simplicity.

When I look back on my life, some of my fondest memories are connected to very simple things. I remember going fishing with my Dad on a small lake in Northern Alberta. We ate spaghetti from a can and slept in a tent. I don’t even remember if we caught fish. What I do remember is that my dad was present. It was just me and him. I don’t know if we can give a better gift to our children. The gift of our presence.

I also remember making bread with my mom. We used a few simple ingredients to make something delicious! Again, it wasn’t something extraordinary; however, my mom made time to teach me an important life skill.

You can do the same. Teach your child what you know. I can pretty much guarantee you that they are interested. Bring them out into the field. Give them responsibility. Believe in them. Allow for them to make mistakes and teach them how to respond to failure. I don't think you will regret it!

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