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Pursue Silence

Mr. Rogers is one of my heroes.

He seemed to spend time on things that really mattered in this life. For example, Mr. Rogers focused on treating others with kindness, including the marginalized and helping children develop their imaginations.

Another practice that Mr. Rogers really wanted us to remember was the art of pursuing silence.

Mr. Rogers once retold a story about a visit he had at the White House. While speaking, he asked everyone in attendance to observe one full minute of silence. During this time, individuals were asked to think of other people who had helped them in a special way.

After his talk, Mr. Rogers started to leave, however, he was quickly stopped by one of the military guards. The guard thanked Mr. Rogers for the time of silence and explained that he had thought of his grandfather's brother. He hadn't thought of his great uncle for a long time, but during the minute of silence he realized that his love of fishing must have come from him.

Mr. Roger's ends his story by saying: "So stop and think about those who have cared so deeply for you, that you're really nourished in this whole life because of knowing them." (Archive of American Television, 1999)

Dear reader, I challenge you with the following: Take one full minute of silence and think of those who have had a profound impact on your life. Once one or two people have come to mind, find a way to tell them! This could be done in person, over the phone or by writing them a letter. If this person is no longer with us, spend a few moments in gratitude for their life.

Too often, I think we keep comments to ourselves that would really bless others. Take a few minutes today and thank one or two people who would love to hear from you!

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