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Go For the Dog!

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

I’d like to share a story from Bill Harley. In one of his talks, Bill shares a heartwarming story about t-ball and a little girl named Tracy.

Throughout the entire season, Tracy never hit the ball. She would swing and miss. Swing and miss. Swing and miss. After about 10 or 11 attempts, she would hit the platform and the ball would trickle onto the ground. “Run!” everyone would yell. Tracy would happily run to first base but quickly got tagged out.

However, during the final game of the season, Tracy stepped up to the plate and smoked the ball! The ball zoomed through the legs of many surprised players and came to rest in the outer field. “Run” everyone yelled! “Run!”

Tracy took off to first base with a wide grin on her face. When she arrived at the base, her coach encouraged her to go for second. After arriving at second, it was apparent that she could try for third. “Keep going” everyone screamed. Tracy happily took off again. By this time, everyone was on their feet.

When Tracy came to the third base, it looked like there might be just enough time to try for home plate. “Go for it Tracy!” “You can do it!” “Keep running!” Tracy took off!

However, about halfway between third base and home plate, something unexpected happened; a puppy stepped onto the pitch. Tracy stopped in her tracks. “Keep going Tracy!” her parents yelled. “You can get a home run!”

Tracy looked at home plate and then the dog. Back at home plate and then at the dog again. Her parents begged. The crowd pleaded. "Come on Tracy!" Finally, Tracy made her decision … she went for the dog!

Isn’t that beautiful? Tracy wasn’t concerned about fulfilling everyone's expectations. She decided that she didn't need to please the crowd and instead went for something that brought her joy!

I know we all face expectations from the outside world. We’re told to run faster and climb higher … no matter what gets in our way. However, after time, we might begin to wonder, “Why am I running so fast?” "Why am I so busy?" "Why am I listening to everyone around me?"

I'd like to suggest that we learn a lesson from Tracy. That we don't always do what the crowd tells us. I hope you take time to ponder and think about what is important in life. Maybe you won't go as far. Maybe you won't climb as high. However, in the end, are those the things that really matter?

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