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Silence (Part 2 of 10)

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

“I think silence is one of the greatest gifts that we have.” -Mr. Rogers

The Ticking Watch

A group of workers were cutting ice out of a frozen lake and storing it in an icehouse when one of them realized he’d lost his watch in the windowless building. He and his friends searched for it in vain.

After they gave up, a young boy who’d seen them exit went into the building. Soon, he emerged with the watch. Asked how he’d found it, he replied: “I just sat down and kept quiet, and soon I could hear it ticking.” (Our Daily Bread - Reflection from Leslie Koh)

Silence is so important when it comes to wonder. Whether this is getting a good night's

rest, sitting still for a few moments or going on a walk, our minds need time to be

still. Without this, we don’t have time to reflect on different thoughts and look at them from a

variety of angles.

On Tuesday, April 27th I was feeling overwhelmed with the write-up portion of an action

research project I was working on. I decided to go for a long bike ride and found that this activity gave me time to think.

I didn’t have any music playing, instead I just took some time to think through different elements of the write-up. Over the course of two hours, I was able to see the big picture and have a better understanding of how the smaller pieces could fit together. The silence I experienced during this time was key to continuing this project as it enabled my mind to make sense of my reflections.

I wonder ... how could a few moments of silence help you today?

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